Coding Projects

I program primarily in C# and C++ CUDA. Here are just a few of my favorite repositories:

My first ever GitHub repository. It is a .NET CLI that will print random numbers at the specification of the user. See the for details.

Simulates a somewhat realistic-looking ASKII-art fireplace. Unlike fake Fireplace GIFs, it never repeats, calculating a new, never-seen-before iteration never time. Find it on GitHub with the link above!

Not to be confused with Graphics Console, Graphics Designer is a graphics designer that uses syntactic expressions and function to create precisely orchestrated graphics. Here is an image of Graphics Designer creating a basic graphic of a window.

Text-to-Big is a console application that takes strings of text and converts them to ASKII-art. Here, to the left, is a sample.

Secret Projects


Brendan includes a variety of interconnected C# libraries, ranging between CLI helpers and mathematical vectors and solvers to MLPs, abstract classes for FFNs, customizable evolutionary algorithms, and even evolvable expression trees and evolvable interpreted programs! However, it is currently private.


BrendanCUDA is a C++/CUDA library, designed to reduce the boilerplate code required to create and test new AI algorithms on the GPU. It includes functionality for MLPs and other FFNs and other algorithms, as well as providing classes to help reduce the boilerplate code. However, it is currently private.

When it comes to much larger libraries such as those above, I tend to be extremely protective of my IP. The status of these above repositories as being private is a demonstration of this resolve, and I'm proud of it!