Hi. My name is

Brendan Lynn!

I live in New Hampshire. My strongest fields are STEM and tennis, though I spend most of my days zoomed in on Computer Science.

I'm Good at Tennis

Being ranked in the top 10 for the best 14-under tennis players in New Hampshire by USTA (though UTR is better), there aren't a plenty of kids my age that can compete with me. Though there are many exceptions, I often end up competing mostly with kids many years older than me. This kid (I'm on the right) had a beard -- but I still brought it home 10-3.

I'm Good at Chess

In fact, I am the GOAT of chess. Just ask these people. I destroyed them into tiny, tiny bits.

Computer Science

I program in a variety of different languages, including, but not limited to, C#, C++, C++ CUDA, Python, F#, VB.NET, PHP, Inline CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and even some data storage formats such as JSON and XML. Recently, I learned how to create GitHub repositories and NuGet packages, and made a command line-accessible random number generator tailored towards C#/C++ programmers. The repository is here, and the NuGet package here.

Stock Photography

One of my hobbies is stock photography and videography. I've taken many a high-quality stock photograph in my time. Here are just a few:

Philosophy of the Universe

The answer to life, the universe, and everything is not 42 -- its 2,080. 

People don't realize how symbolic The Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy was, but it is, and shall always remain so.

Philosophy of Ethics

There are many I believe good who believe themselves bad and many who I believe bad who believe themselves good. But in the end, regardless of where we are from, or of what political ideology we support, the only thing that can make ourselves truly bad is a failure to self-critique, or a failure to consider the critique of others unto us. We need the voices that tell us we are wrong just as much as we want the voices to tell us we are right. Too many people, on all sides, dehumanize the "enemy", without ever noticing that the hearts of the "enemies" are just as black as theirs.

Religion isn't important because it teaches us how the universe works. That which is not verifiable cannot be testable, and that which is not testable cannot matter. Religion is important because it teaches one what to do when no one else is looking, and more crucially, how one treats the ones one don't have to treat well. Just because someone is part of the dominant political movement of the time, whether the year be in the 19th or 21st century, doesn't give them the right to prosecute those of the competing, minority political movement. We need the voices that tell us we are wrong. Don't silence them.